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Message from the Director

Dear Lumen Christi Academies Families and Staff,

Our Lumen Christi Academies build up students in the spirit of faith, hope, and charity so they can be Christ centered champions of social justice. Caring classrooms marked by a culture of connection is intentionally forged as the social and emotional well-being of every child is honored. Nothing is more vital for a student than to be seen, known, understood, and cared for by their teacher, school staff and classmates. We want to develop every child into someone who recognizes their worth, not only by conventional grades and awards but by showing them they are uniquely made and always loved by God.

Outside of their respective schools, teachers across the network meet with one another to analyze student data and reflect on the effectiveness of teaching practices and strategies being employed. Every collaborative session is focused on what each child needs in order to attain the desired growth. The collaborative meetings also give teachers the opportunity to share lessons learned, build an awareness around biases, and enhance creativity through feedback from their peers.

Blended learning strategies and resources are leveraged in every classroom to assess students’ needs and challenge them at their skill levels. These tools include the utilization of technology for testing, a clear demonstration of excellent work, and critical thinking skills to articulate their diverse perspectives. Students are given rigorous tasks challenging them to grow individually, through self-paced enrichment activities and engaging group projects that strengthen critical 21st Century skills such as communication, creativity, problem solving, perseverance, collaboration, information literacy, technology skills and digital literacy.

All students and families are welcomed to learn and grow at one of our Lumen Christi Academies. We also invite individuals, parishioners, family foundations, corporations and anyone sharing our passion for equitable access to an excellent Catholic education to join us in this transformational journey. I am happy to meet with anyone interested in investing their time, talent and/or treasure in supporting our mission to holistically form students and adults through a collaborative experience that is dynamic, innovative, and accessible to all.

In Solidarity,

Rodney Pierre-Antoine
Executive Director, Lumen Christi Academies