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New School Year Welcome Message from LCA Executive Director Rodney Pierre-Antoine

Lumen Christi Academies

LCA is a network of seven Catholic schools in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

The Academies educate nearly 1,300 students. Our network is striving to make Catholic education accessible to families desiring a faith-filled learning experience. We are committed to nurturing ethical scholars who will change the world.

Learning in a New Light

Lumen Christi Academies (LCA) represent a renaissance in Catholic primary education. An independent board of directors, assembled in early 2019, governs the network with an eye towards superior academic performance, financial sustainability and innovation. The Academies continue to offer a safe, nurturing environment for children with Christ as the foundation.

Academic Renaissance

The Academies are undertaking a comprehensive renewal of academic programs to meet the highest standards of 21st century education. Blended learning strategies will incorporate state of the art software which will allow students to learn at their own pace and level. Utilizing small group instruction and individual practice, teachers will be able to quickly measure learning performance and better focus their efforts for each child. STEAM courses will feature prominently in a renewed curriculum.

Catholic Faith as the Core

Lumen Christi Academies continue to be a bastion of Catholic philosophy, values and teaching. These schools, some dating to the 19th century, have long been offering a faith-based learning environment. This is reflected in the visible behaviors in each school community: love, respect, kindness and appreciation for the Christ-light present in everyone.

Governance Transition

Following the national wave of new Catholic educational models. LCA is overseen by an independent board of directors with impeccable credentials from education, non-profit management, entrepreneurship, law, finance and Catholic faith. The board is focused on fidelity to mission, long-term financial stability, growth in enrollment, excellent academic performance and innovative teaching techniques.

Investing in our Teachers and Principals

LCA prioritizes continuous improvement and professional development for our teachers and principals. Each individual will have a personal plan to be executed on an annual basis. Improvements will come in the form of greater content knowledge, new teaching techniques, higher credentials and broader expertise across disciplines and grade-level capabilities.

Efficiency and Streamlining

The network will be operating as efficiently as possible to eliminate duplicate cost, share resources and apply best practices across every school. Facility renovations are currently underway at two campuses, the first steps in LCA’s building restoration program. Centralized operations management is being instituted to find efficiencies in such activities as curricular programming, maintenance, banking and accounting services.

Ways to Support Lumen Christi Academies

LCA is grateful for financial contributions to support scholarships, curriculum advancement, teacher development, classroom technology, building refurbishment, child counseling and many other purposes. Gifts may be directed towards particular schools or the entire LCA network. Our stewardship of financial resources will be transparent to donors and carefully managed within our efficient, low cost operating model.

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