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Distinguished by Excellence

Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum:

Lumen Christi Academies has adopted cognitively demanding and challenging curricular resources that provide countless opportunities for students to apply essential concepts and skills to real world, complex and open-ended situations. We know everyone learns best when their focus is directed toward content and experiences that are most relevant to them. Our content is not just interesting to students, but involves particular intellectual challenges. Students engage in focused, frequent practice across diverse context content at various points in learning. Teachers also provide targeted feedback to build students’ understanding of what success looks like and guide them on their path towards continual improvement.

Higher Order Thinking:

Students interpret, analyze, and manipulate information across curricular areas. They learn to connect and build on concepts and make inferences. We also encourage students to question things, without any negative reactions from their peers or their teachers. This is a hallmark of classrooms where students feel free to be creative. This creativity is further nurtured as students engage in assignments and projects that challenge them to invent, imagine, and design what they are thinking.

Real World Application:

Our students are challenged with authentic work, using methods that are specific to a given discipline, and apply what they know or what they are learning to solve complex problems. Concepts and skills are applied to situations, issues, and problems in the world beyond school. Connecting instruction to real-world, practical applications gives greater meaning to learning. This authentic approach to instruction helps students understand the purpose of their learning.

Focus on Results:

Our data-driven professional learning communities judge their effectiveness on the basis of results. Teachers, principals and office staff work together in collaborative teams to improve operations and student achievement, this is the routine work of our network of schools.