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On July 1, 2018, Bishop Michael Barber formally established the Lumen Christi Academies, a new network consisting of seven parish schools: Queen of All Saints, Concord; St. Anthony, Oakland, St. Catherine of Siena, Martinez; St. Cornelius, Richmond; St. Elizabeth, Oakland; St. Paul, San Pablo; and St. Peter Martyr, Pittsburg. Collectively, LCA served 1,303 students during the 2018–19 school year.

Much insight was drawn from contacting national Catholic educators and innovative, new school networks across the country before developing a framework for a separate school network that would have an executive director that reported to a governing board.

Common themes among modern Catholic school networks include a transition to a new governance model, academic innovation, efficient operations and sustained investment in the professional development of teachers and principals. Those concepts are being vigorously applied to Lumen Christi Academies.